Fall in line!

President of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) Dr Ronnie Yearwood is being urged to respect the traditions and conventions of the political party.

This was the admonition from party stalwart and former Minister of Education Ronald Jones last night during a DLP Christ Church zone meeting at St Christopher Primary School.

Meanwhile, Opposition Leader Ralph Thorne revealed that he has plans to have a candid conversation with the General Council of the party this week, as it relates to the publicised leadership struggles of the party.

Thorne described his return to the DLP as a lesson in humility, noting the lack of embrace which he has received from the administration of the party.

Referencing the DLP’s internal party struggles, the most recent of which was a no-confidence motion last week against Yearwood, Jones said that the DLP president was being poorly advised.

He said that while one may harbour aspirations to be Prime Minister of Barbados, one must equally understand that circumstances change, and be willing to work with the person “chosen for the moment”.

“You can only be political leader of the Democratic Labour Party if you have a seat and we accepted Thorne as a member and therefore he is the political leader. I don’t care what your previous ambitions are, I don’t care what circumstances have changed, you have to recognise that circumstances change and work with them. Comrade president you should have been here today, somebody is advising you wrong. They can’t be your friends and your allies when they are advising you wrong,” Jones suggested.

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