Fake Puma case adjourned

The state has three weeks to decide whether it is going to pursue the appeal of the dismissal of the matters against Leroy Fitzgerald “Daddy I-Roy/De Warrior” Brathwaite.

It was in May, 2021, that Brathwaite, a 58-year-old businessman of Wanstead Terrace, St James, had three charges, relating to fake Puma clothing and shoes, dismissed by Chief Magistrate Ian Weekes.

Brathwaite, the owner of Upper Room on Swan Street, The City, had been charged that in trade or in commerce as a supplier, on May 29, 2017, he falsely represented that 11 pairs of slippers and 13 T-shirts were of a particular standard, style or model, to wit, the brand Puma, contrary to the Consumer Protection Act Cap 326D.

He had also denied that in trade or commerce, he engaged in conduct, to wit, exposed for sale goods bearing the trademark known as Puma which would mislead the public as to the nature of the goods.  (HLE)

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