Escape probe at ‘advanced stage’

The investigation into the escape of an inmate from Dodds Prison is at an advanced stage, says acting Superintendent of Prisons DeCarlo Payne.

The prison boss was speaking to the Daily Nation yesterday after a quarterly service at the Western Light Church of the Nazarene in Oxnards, St James.

“It is an ongoing investigation and it is at an advanced stage, but I cannot comment further. In time the Minister of Home Affairs will speak on it,” he added.

Payne said despite the escape, visitations at the St Philip jail will not be affected by any further security restrictions and continue as normal.

Last month, prisoner Tyreke Delandre Benskin, 21, made a bold dash for freedom from the correctional facility. That escape proved short-lived, however, as he was recaptured within hours by patrolling police officers along Yorkshire Road, Christ Church. (CA)

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