Dust haze advisory remains in effect for Barbados

The Barbados Meteorological Services (BMS) urges residents to be aware of an ongoing significant dust haze advisory. A large plume of Saharan dust is currently affecting the island, with concentrations expected to rise considerably later this weekend and into early next week.

This will cause skies to appear slightly yellowish during the day and reduce visibility over both land and sea areas, potentially dropping below 10 kilometers as early as Sunday morning, April 21st.

Those with respiratory issues or allergies are advised to keep their medication close at hand. Mariners are urged to exercise caution and stay near the shore, especially if their vessels lack GPS.

For the latest updates, monitor information from the BMS, Department of Emergency Management (DEM), and Government Information Service (GIS).

Local media reports and advisories from the Ministry of Health and Wellness should also be followed.

This advisory was issued on Saturday, April 20th, and will be updated by noon on Monday, April 22nd or sooner if conditions change. (BGIS)

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