Dust haze advisory in effect

A significant dust haze advisory is in effect and will be terminated at 6 p.m. today.

A dust-haze advisory in this case is issued when dust haze has already reduced visibility to between 5 and 10km.

Barbados Meteorological Services said a plume of moderate to thick Saharan dust haze has blanketed Barbados. These conditions will continue to significantly reduce visibility across the island and the surrounding marine area today.

Although hazy conditions are forecast to reduce overnight, varying concentrations of Saharan dust haze will persist throughout the week.

People with respiratory issues or allergies are advised to travel with, or have close at hand, all prescribed relevant medications in case of an emergency. Marine users should stay close to shore, particularly if GPS is not in use on the vessel.

For more information, please visit www.barbadosweather.org/dustHazeBarResp.php Download the BMS Android App from the Google Play Store. (PR)

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