DLP headquarters broken into; conference room locks changed

The Democratic Labour Party (DLP) headquarters was vandalized this afternoon in what party officials are calling a suspicious break-in.

According to General Secretary Steve Blackett, the incident occurred around 4:45 p.m. when security cameras captured individuals attempting to breach the front gate.

“They got in by cutting the chains and locks,” Blackett reported. “They then proceeded to break into the office and conference room.”

The police were immediately contacted upon discovery of the break-in and are currently investigating the scene. While no missing items have been confirmed yet, Blackett expressed particular concern over a seemingly deliberate act: “What is most egregious is that the perpetrators actually changed the locks to the conference room and therefore the legitimate leadership of this party can no longer access the office.”

Blackett suggested the possibility of an inside job, stating, “More than likely an inside job, an inner inside job”.

The motive behind the break-in and the identities of the perpetrators remain unknown at this time. The DLP is expected to release further information as the investigation unfolds.

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