DLP General Council suspends Steve Blackett

The General Council of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) tonight voted unanimously to suspend general secretary Steve Blackett.

The announcement was made by assistant general secretary, Pedro Shepherd, whose elevation to fill the post, was also confirmed at the same meeting.

In a statement issued from the George Street, St Michael headquarters, Shepherd said the General Council “unanimously moved and adopted a motion to refer complaints regarding the general secretary Mr Steve Blackett to the Disciplinary Committee of the party. Mr Blackett has been suspended from his office of General Secretary, pending the conclusion of the investigation”.

A call to political leader, Ralph Thorne, who is also Opposition Leader, was unanswered. 

On April 21, Blackett moved a motion of no-confidence in Thorne and one of confidence in president Dr Ronnie Yearwood.

“This party existed and was making good way for the past six years and we did not have a political leader. This party can exist without a political leader but it can’t exist without a president, or I dare say, a general secretary,” Blackett said at the time.

“I will not stand idly by and allow Mister Ralph Anthony Thorne to continue to drag our party down. His presence here has brought nothing positive to this party. All it has brought to this party is confusion, destruction, turmoil and conflict.”

The Nation understands Blackett did not attend the meeting, while Yearwood reportedly left and it was suspended without completion of the other items on the agenda. Yearwood also did not answer a call after

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