DLP ‘divide’

Members of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) have been summoned to a meeting on Sunday to thrash out their differences.

The meeting has been called following another scathing criticism against president Dr Ronnie Yearwood. This time from assistant general secretary, Pedro Shepherd, the second party member to express no confidence in Yearwood in just over a week.

Shepherd, in a strongly worded email to general secretary Steve Blackett, accused Yearwood of creating “fractures” in the party and stated: “I therefore have no option but to inform you that I no longer have any confidence in Dr Ronnie Yearwood continuing as president of this great party.”

Last week, veteran DLP member Hartley Reid failed in his attempt to bring a no-confidence motion against Yearwood but vowed to continue fighting for his removal.

The DAILY NATION was unable to reach Shepherd, a teacher, as well as Yearwood but Blackett confirmed receipt of the email.

While refusing to comment on its details, he said: “We have invited the entire membership to a meeting on Sunday and we will deal with all matters then.”

A senior member, however, reiterated the support for Yearwood despite the attacks from some corners.

“Mr Yearwood was elected in August last year by 422 members of the party out of 1 600 so he ain’t going anywhere soon. Mr Yearwood is going to be president

of this party until August 2025,” he said.

In the widely circulated email, Shepherd accused the president of engaging in “actions which continue to stagnate the political agenda of the Democratic Labour Party.”

He added: “Over the last eight months in particular, his actions, words and deeds have placed the Democratic Labour Party in a position where existing fractures have widened and new fractures created … It is my view that presently he does not possess the political acumen to show that he can advance the party politically.”

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