DLP confirms Moe on campaign team

It’s official!

Lucille Moe has joined the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) as a strategist for the January 19 General Election in Barbados.

The switch from the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) was confirmed tonight by DLP President Verla De Peiza.

“The Democratic Labour Party is pleased to welcome Ms Moe. It demonstrates that the Party is able to attract skilled patriots who recognise the importance of rescuing democracy,” she said in a brief statement.

Speculation run rife over the last few days that Moe, a former Senator and Minister of Information in the Mia Mottley administration had crossed the political divide, but neither De Peiza nor senior party leaders would confirm that Moe, a highly respected and successful regional strategist, had joined the team.

However after an invitation to Ilaro Court tonight for last minute efforts to halt the move Moe declared that her mind was made up.

“Contrary to what others have been speculating in the media, not everything is about money. Sometimes you have to know your own worth as a human being and there’s no price for principle,” declared Moe on her exit from the meeting with Prime Minister Mottley.

With 21 years of regional electioneering under her belt Moe is perceived as a ground game expert and was personal campaign strategist for the current Prime Minister in the St Michael North East constituency from her first victory in 1994 until her abrupt dismissal from the Mottley Cabinet in the 2020 reshuffle which also saw the exit of elected members of Parliament to make room for new appointees. (PR/SAT)

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