Diabetics told to take NCD seriously

People in Barbados who have been diagnosed with diabetes have been advised to take it seriously and pay more attention to their health.

President of the Diabetes and Hypertension Association of Barbados, Trudy Griffith said some people downplayed their diagnosis.

“It is a matter that we have to appreciate that sometimes our bodies do things that we are not in control of, and we need to understand what it is that has gone wrong and what we can do to set things on the right path,” she said.

“So, therefore, don’t say you’re a little pregnant; you’re either pregnant or not. You either have diabetes or you don’t, and you have to take it seriously, so don’t say it’s a touch of diabetes. We want persons to accept something is going wrong.”

Griffith was speaking on Sunday after a service at James Street Methodist Church, The City, ahead of today’s World Diabetes Day. (Nation News)


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