Date set for removal of Digicel Tower

The controversial Digicel tower at Oliver Lodge Road, Holder’s Hill, St James, is to be removed by March 20.

This was communicated to residents by Digicel representatives yesterday evening, signalling a possible end to their grouse which started on January 18.

Community spokesperson, Dr Jennifer Obidah Alleyne, said even though they were not offered an apology, once the tower was gone, they would be satisfied.

“This says so much about communities coming together about a problem,” she said, adding they knew they had to represent themselves as no one else would do it.

“I am so proud to be a member of this community,” she added. “If there are other communities struggling out there who with issues like this, band together and make something happen.”

In an advertisement last month, Government’s Telecommunications Unit said Digicel indicated that a temporary but urgent solution was needed to avoid a disruption in service to 2 500 residents and 25 businesses in the area, but since the cell tower was a change of use from residential to commercial for more than a 28-day period, approval must be requested from the Planning and Development Department.

The residents complained about a loud, continuous noise from an onsite generator and also expressed concern about noise and environmental pollution.

They formed a committee which solicited 30 signatures on a petition calling for the immediate removal of the tower.

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