Dad of 9 marks 100th birthday

Fitzgerald Brereton did not believe he would have lived to see his 100th birthday.

However, yesterday, the father of nine was elated to celebrate the huge milestone surrounded by family.

His second youngest daughter Philippa Brereton-Selby, who spoke on his behalf, described him as hard-working and a great provider.

“It hasn’t always been easy but he has been a good father, a good provider and a churchman. Even to this day, he goes to church, reads lessons and is still driving his car.

“At one point he was scared he wasn’t going to make it. He always used to say his father died at 45 and he thought he was going to die early, but as he got closer to 100 he realised it was possible.

“He was doubtful but we are all happy to see him here,” Brereton-Selby said.

During the celebration, Brereton spoke to President The Most Honourable Dame Sandra Mason via Zoom. He told Dame Sandra he was privileged to reach the milestone.

Brereton attends St Luke’s Church and enjoys reading. He eats ground provisions, cou cou, red herring, salt fish, soup, and eats pork occasionally.

At 15, he became an apprentice at Emtage Electrical to help take care of his family and worked to assist members of the disabled community. He is a founding member of the Ellerton Credit Union. (TG)


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