Cummins: Focus on business of tourism

Minister of Tourism and International Transport Senator Lisa Cummins has outlined a new vision for Barbados’ tourism that will focus on the “business of tourism” rather than just the number of visitor arrivals.

In a comprehensive State of the Industry update to the media today, Cummins shared plans for a broad-based tourism industry that will foster international trade partnerships and linkages that give exposure in tourism source markets to iconic Barbadian products and services and even local hotel brands; retool and retain people in the tourism industry, while also creating new commercial opportunities for Barbados to become a hub for such training.

An emphasis on community tourism will also be a major part of the way forward.

The aim she said, was to “get more from less” through the development of a more sustainable tourism model.

Cummins painted a positive picture for the future while  announcing Barbados had already recorded over 67 000 stayover visitor arrivals between January and February this year, a significant increase from the 61 000 stay-over arrivals for the same period last year.

With regard to the international transport, Cummins also announced the Shallow Draft at the Bridgetown Port would be undergoing a US $60 million upgrade and expansion. (GC)

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