Cuba denounces presence of foreign military bases

Legislators in Cuba this week denounced the presence of foreign military bases.

On Thursday, the day was declared a Day of  Action against enclaves of the United States and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

According to  Ana Teresa Napoles Disotuar, the president of the Cuban Friendship Institute (ICAP by its Spanish acronym) who was speaking in Guantanamo, the date  – February 23, coincides  with the 120th anniversary of the signing of the agreement that made official, the U.S. naval base on Guantanamo’s territory.

She said that for persons living in close proximity to the naval base,  military exercises  affect their tranquility , they are unable to  enjoy the beaches located in Guantanamo Bay the fishing has also been affected.

Napoles Disotuar also pointed out that with this initiative ICAP joins the call of the World Peace Council, which every year promotes the realization of different actions worldwide to express the strong international rejection against military bases on foreign soil.
Currently, the United States has more than 800 military bases in more than 100 countries around the world, 76 of which remain in the Latin American region. (CMC)

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