COVID-19 Update for August 30

There were 147 new COVID-19 cases, 80 males and 67 females, recorded from the 614 tests conducted on Tuesday, August 30, by laboratories across the island.

The cases consisted of 19 people under the age of 18, and 128 who were 18 years and older.

The number of people in isolation facilities was 83, while 1 379 were in home isolation.

An 83-year-old man died as a result of the virus on Tuesday.

As at August 30, there were 542 COVID-19 related deaths.

The laboratories conducted 755 120 tests since February 2020, and recorded 101 120 COVID-19 cases (45 729 males and 55 391 females).

Under the National Vaccination Programme for COVID-19, the number of people with at least one dose is 163 204 (71.4 per cent of the eligible population).

The number of fully vaccinated is 154 401 (57 per cent of the total population or 67.6 per cent of the eligible population). The eligible population represents those who are 12 years and older. (BGIS)

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