Cop: I saw her put bag in ’fridge

Lead investigator sergeant Jamal Williams said he saw accused Hazel Greenidge exit the back of the Akademiks Sports Bar, deposit a black handbag in a drinks crate and run back inside the bar.

He was giving evidence in the No. 3 Supreme Court in the gun and ammunition trial of Greenidge, who has denied illegal possession of a Glock 23 semi-automatic S&W .40 calibre pistol and seven rounds of ammunition, all on February 18, 2018.

Williams told the court he was part of an operation at the bar in Regent Hill, The Pine, St Michael, in the wee hours of that morning where a fete was taking place.

He said he arrived with other officers at about 3:50 a.m. and took up position at the rear of the bar after a warrant to search the bar was executed. He said where he was positioned was well lit by a fluorescent bulb. (RA)

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