Construction starts on Indigo Hotel

About 250 people will be employed during the construction phase of the $100 million Indigo Hotel in Hastings, Christ Church.

Developer James Edgehill says there won’t be much activity during this early phase of the project, which is the preparing of the foundation.

“Over the last five weeks, we have carried out the test piles, which is integral to ascertain the capacity of the piles. We are at the stage where we are now commencing the actual piling between now and the rest of the year,” he explained.

“There are a little over 120 piles and that phase of the operation will be completed early next year. We will then start the concrete works and that is when we will really see a lot of activity when the structure starts to go up from January next year.”

Senior Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office responsibility for infrastructural projects, Dr William Duguid, visited the construction site where the old Caribbee Hotel was located. (Nation News)


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