Complex security ‘under review’

Police are investigating a serious breach of security at the Cane Garden Municipal Complex in St Thomas, which resulted in a man delivering a package containing cell phones, drugs and other electronic items to a prisoner in a cell.

Informed sources told the Weekend Nation the incident occurred on Tuesday afternoon.

They explained that a man drove onto the complex in Cane Garden, drove around the back of the building and handed the inmate the bag.

“Security spotted the man on camera and when police attempted to stop him when he was leaving, he jumped out of the vehicle and made good his escape,” one source revealed.

The culprit also left behind two females in the vehicle and both are now in custody assisting police with investigations.

While Commissioner of Police Richard Boyce did not immediately respond to this newspaper, Attorney General Dale Marshall said he had been made aware of the incident.

“I have received a report of a thwarted attempt to smuggle contraband into the prison, using ‘District D’ premises as the handover point. That report was submitted to me by the Commissioner of Police.

“Vigilant police officers prevented the plan from succeeding, and the security of the facility and its environs is under careful review. Some changes are being implemented as a matter of urgency,” he said.

Senior attorney Michael Lashley confirmed yesterday that he was representing one of the women.

“All I can say is that I have been retained. I cannot go any further at this stage,” the King’s Counsel said.(MB)

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