Compact concern

Days after the poultry farmers indicated they would not be part of a renewed Social Partners Food Prices Compact, more members of the business community are also expressing reservations.

President of the Barbados Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Anthony Branker, said while they were willing to listen to Government, it placed a burden on some operators.

“What I can tell you is that even at the level of some retailers and distributors, they view another compact as one that is going to be very burdensome. Right now they are saying that they are unsure as to how they will be able to go into another compact.

“At this point, all that we are saying is that we are willing to hear what the Government comes with and we are willing to have a discussion. That is all that we are committing to at this time.”

Last Saturday, the Barbados Egg and Poultry Association (BEPA) voted 26-1 against entering a new compact, should one materialise between Government and the private sector. The current one was put in place on January 21 with restricted mark-ups on 44 food items, to help ease the cost of living. It is set to expire on January 21. (Nation News)

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