Chinese national dies in boat crash

GEORGETOWN – Police say the captain of a tugboat involved in an incident with another boat resulting in the death of a Chinese national is assisting their investigations into the matter.

In a statement, the police said that Dai Jianhua was in a speed boat along with two other individuals when the incident occurred at the Timber Grant Landing, Essequibo River on Wednesday evening.

“Inquiries disclosed that while in the vicinity of Timber Grant Quarry, Essequibo River, the speed boat transporting now deceased Dai Jianhua, along with two other individuals, Songyajun and Meng Yi Feng, collided with a tugboat, causing the occupants of the boat to fall overboard. The crew members of the tugboat jumped into the river and rendered assistance to the individuals who were then taken onto the barge,” the police said in the statement.

It said that the  three injured individuals were then escorted to Bartica Regional Hospital, where the deceased, Dai Jianhua, was pronounced dead on arrival by a doctor.

The police said that Songyajun, who received injuries to his upper body and face, was admitted as a patient, while the other individual, Meng Yi Feng, was treated and discharged.

“The captain of the tugboat is currently in custody at the Bartica Police Station, assisting with investigations,” the police statement added. (CMC)

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