‘Children’ the reason for lapse

She had to deal with her children.

This was the explanation that Ashley Danica Anita Jones gave on Friday for missing days and failing to complete the 120 hours of community service she had been given in February.

Jones, of 1st Avenue, East Terrace, Wildey Terrace, St Michael, was back in the No. 4 Supreme Court for an update on her community service.

She had pleaded guilty, at an earlier Session of the Continuous Sittings, that between May 24, 2016, and February 26, 2017, she did a series of acts which had a tendency to pervert the course of justice in that knowing Livardo Hinds was wanted by police, she provided meals for him, concealed his whereabouts and, when asked by police to state his correct name, wilfully gave his name as Livardo Weekes with a view to protecting him from prosecution for the offence of assisting an offender. (HLE)

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