Chargers remain unbeaten

Chargers will enter the second round of the men’s division two volleyball competition unbeaten after meeting and defeating their nemesis Deacons on Tuesday night at Hill Road, Bank Hall.

Both the home team Chargers and Deacons were unbeaten leading up to that final game of the first round league with Chargers pulling off a five set winner 25-7, 17-25, 21-25, 25-19, 15-8.

Chargers will enter round two 7/0 with 30 points while Deacons have one point less and a 6/1 record.

After being mauled in the opening set Deacons rebounded strongly with Kaden Hoyte and the Russell-Hoyte brothers Nathan and Nicholas providing the impetus to snatch the next two sets.  (KB)

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