BSSAC titles up for grabs

The title race of the 2024 Dasani Powerade Barbados Secondary School Athletics Championships (BSSAC) is finely poised this year with The St Michael School and Combermere leading the Girls and Boys categories, respectively, after two days of semi finals at the Usain Bolt Sports Complex.

The St Michael School overtook favourites Combermere by 5.5 points to sit atop the Girls’ table with 94.50 points with Combermere closing in on 87 points. However, the ‘University of Waterford’ tightened their grip on the Boys’ standings as their 116 points opened up a twenty-four-point gap between them and Queen’s College who have 92 points.

Last year’s girls’ champions, Springer Memorial, are cut adrift from the summit as they sit in eighth position on 29 points. Harrison College are in a better position to defend their throne from third position on 87 points, twenty nine points behind Combermere among the boys.

Speaking to the media after the semi final stage of BSSAC, track and field coach at Combermere, Jarad Murray, said he was happy with the start they made to the competition.

“We had a plan going in to advance to the next round and I believe that we have achieved most of what we set out to do,” Murray began. “We had some areas where we fell down that we had bigger plans for but that is gone, we’ve buried that and we move on. Ahead of the finals, we are just going to make sure all the athletes are comfortable and any niggles they have, we’ll deal with that. We’ll be having little pep talks with them to help them understand the task we have at hand is a big one and they’re able to do it.”

Head of Physical Education at The St Michael School, Gabriel Burnett, is similarly content with proceedings, giving credit to the numerous coaches and teachers who chipped in to help the school perform at peak capacity.

Burnett said “The first two days went according to plan, we did have a few hiccups but things went how we expected them to. We were hoping for a couple more points and that didn’t happen but overall we are pleased with how things went. We are always a year in advance so when last year’s BSSAC was over we knew who we had for this year. We are detailed and we have an idea where all of our points will come from.”

The action continues at the Usain Bolt Sports Complex on Thursday at 10 a.m. when the finals get under way.

Girls Standings

The St Michael School                        94.50

Combermere School                            89

Alleyne School                                      80

Harrison’s College                                 71

Queen’s College                                     34

Princess Margaret Secondary               31

Christ Church Foundation School         30

Springer Memorial School                     29

St George Secondary School                 25

 The Lodge School                                   25

 Coleridge and Parry                                25

Alexandra School                                     10

Grantley Adams Memorial School          9

Daryll Jordan Secondary School             8

Graydon Sealy Secondary                       8

The Ellerslie School                                  6

Lester Vaughan School                           5.50

Deighton Griffith Secondary School      5

Male Standings

Combermere School                            116

Queen’s College                                    92

Harrison College                                   87

Christ Church Foundation School       59

The St Michael School                         58

St Leonard’s Boy’s Secondary*           57

Coleridge and Parry                              45

Frederick Smith Secondary School     35

The Lodge School                                 26

Alleyne School                                      25

St George Secondary School               22

 The Lester Vaughan School                15

Alexandra School                                  14

Deighton Griffith Secondary School   12

Parkinson Memorial School                 12

Daryll Jordan Secondary School         11

The Ellerslie School                              5

Young Explorers Barbados                   5

Grantley Adams Memorial School       4

St Winifred’s School                              2

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