Browne for banks paying pandemic tax

Minister of State in the Ministry of Health and Wellness Dr Sonia Browne is supporting Government’s move to impose a pandemic contribution tax on some financial institutions.

Delivering her contribution yesterday to the Budget debate in the Lower House, Browne did not mince words about how she felt about the imposition of the tax.

“I think it is right that the institutions mentioned –  the banks – and I have no regret here because I think the public . . . has been living in a Barbados where you put money into the banks . . . and you get back some months a whole cent in interest. I wonder if I wish to cash in that cent what they would give me since cents don’t exist anymore,” she said.

“The fees at the banks are astronomical . . . so it is about time these institutions contribute to what we have spent, not only for their employees but for them as well.”

Listing what Government has spent during the COVID-19 pandemic, she said: “We have spent dollars on providing PPEs (personal protective equipment), money on bringing in nurses from overseas to help with the fight. We have spent money to build Harrison Point, we have been spending money in terms of cost for quarantine and isolation facilities.

“I think it is time that these corporations step up to the plate and account. My sympathies are really not with them here and I think it was a wonderful initiative.”

Browne expressed gratitude for the monetary donations and donations of vaccines by companies both here and overseas. (MB)


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