Boyfriend won’t Divorce his Wife

Dear Christine, MY SO-CALLED boyfriend asked me to marry him. The problem is, he is already married to a woman he got married to for financial reasons. He does not believe in divorce, so where does that leave me?

Yes, I love him, but I feel hurt and my heart is heavy. He does not know that I know he is married, and if he did, he would probably be upset. What should I do?

 P.H. Dear P.H., Why are you being so unkind to yourself?

You need to walk away from this relationship as quickly as possible.

Love you more than you love this guy.

Tell him to get lost, and run in the opposite direction.

Whether it “upsets” him is irrelevant.

The last thing you need is a cheater. He will never marry you because he is already married – to his meal ticket.


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