Boyce: Police have crime situation under control

Police are assuring the public that despite the recent surge in gun violence, they are “on top of the situation”.

Acting Police Commissioner Erwin Boyce, speaking during a press conference on Thursday, said The Barbados Police Service will be taking a no-nonsense approach to tackling crime.

“The Barbados Police Service will not tolerate any behavior and will bring the strongest arm to end or eliminate the use of firearms and violence in our society,”

He added: “We are targeting criminal activity with vigor and relentlessly and at every level and [we] are working in communities to work with those affected by the scourge of violence.”

Boyce’s assurance comes against three shooting deaths recorded this week. On Sunday in two separate incidents,  22-year-old Coby Shepard was killed at Upper Gills Road, St. Michael, and  Mark Anthony Armstong, 47, of Hothersal Turning, St. Michael was  killed in The City.  Odwin Ryan Grannum, 39, of Licorish Village, My Lord’s Hill, St. Michael was shot and killed on Wednesday.

Boyce said Barbados recorded 38 murders for the year so far and 29  of those were firearm related. He also disclosed that  18-19 cases of those cases were solved.

He also revealed that over  127 firearms were recovered this year so far.


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