Blackett endorses Yearwood, no-confidence in Thorne

Pandemonium broke out at a quarterly review meeting of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) this evening after general secretary Steve Blackett moved a resolution of no-confidence in political leader Ralph Thorne.

This was preceded by a resolution of confidence in president Dr Ronnie Yearwood. Blackett said Thorne, the country’s Opposition Leader, had done nothing positive by coming to the DLP and could have stayed where he was.

One of the reasons Blackett cited was Thorne’s “endorsement” of the person who “brought the party into public ridicule” over a matter found to be invalid, making veiled reference to the no-confidence motion by member Hartley Reid against Yearwood.

“This party existed and was making good way for the past six years and we did not have a political leader. This party can exist without a political leader but it can’t exist without a president, or I dare say, a general secretary,” Blackett said.

“I will not stand idly by and allow Mister Ralph Anthony Thorne to continue to drag our party down. His presence here has brought nothing positive to this party. All it has brought to this party is confusion, destruction, turmoil and conflict.”

Addressing the media after the meeting at George Street this evening, Blackett said the matters would be brought before the Executive Council to be sent to the Grievance Committee.

Thorne crossed the floor from the Barbados Labour Party and was accepted into the DLP on February 20.

Full details in tomorrow’s Daily Nation. (SAT)

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