Bishop: Let’s help the 3 000

Anglican Bishop of Barbados, Michael Maxwell, has called on Christians to reach out and help those who are unemployed.

Expressing sadness at the fate of almost 3 000 workers employed under Government’s National Beautification Programme and by the National Housing Corporation who were told last week that they would be on the breadline on March 31, Maxwell said God’s people were required to help.

“I, too, am saddened by those many persons who will once again be on the breadline due to the Government’s financial position and inability to continue the beautification programme,” he said yesterday at St Barnabas’ Church, Chapel Gap, St Barnabas.

“But God requires that we, His people, work toward helping these persons who lack many of the privileges or basic needs many of us may possess, in whatever way we can and not to overlook them.”  (Nation News)

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