Bawdens Bridge in St Andrew closed

The bridge at Bawdens, St Andrew is now unsafe for vehicular traffic and has been closed until further notice.

The Ministry of Transport, Works and Water Resources (MTWW) said that this closure is due to a recent investigation.

MTWW said that traffic coming from the St Andrew Church route heading to Turners Hall, may travel via Ronald Mapp Highway to St Silas, to Plum Tree Road, St Thomas and on to Turners Hall.

Vehicles coming from St Joseph and St John may divert through Coffee Gully to Blackmans, through to Chimborazo, to Cane Garden and to Hillaby or Turners Hall.

Traffic from the City can go through Shop Hill to Porey Spring and to Hillaby or Turners Hall. ‘Local Access’ signage has been erected in the area approaching Bawdens Bridge. (PR)


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