BARJAM Statement on the passing of veteran photographer Charles Grant

The Barbados Association of Journalists & Media Workers (BARJAM) is saddened to learn of the passing of veteran photographer Charles Grant.

As a giant of a lensman, Mr. Grant had established a reputation for being the first at every big story and was also most often the first on most major scenes. He possessed a competitive fervor that helped him to maintain the standard of excellence for which he was widely known.

He was also both a source of inspiration and a fount of knowledge for young reporters and photographers alike, bringing his many years of experience to bear on any number of situations in the field.It was therefore little surprise that Mr. Grant’s chosen career path also ultimately inspired some of his children to follow suit, and to go on to have a major impact on the media landscape still being felt today.

BARJAM President Ryan Broome recalls while he and the late photographer were on opposite sides at the Advocate and Nation respectively, he was privileged to have often received invaluable advice and guidance from Mr. Grant as a young reporter on the crime beat.

“The level of competition that existed between the Advocate and Nation at that time was extremely keen. The level of passion that Mr. Grant exhibited for his profession is seldom seen. It helped me to strive to learn and be better. On the extremely rare occasion we would get to a scene before him it would usually evoke a wry smile from him, and he would commend me. I am forever grateful for his impact on my media career and the many careers he has impacted of journalists, photographers and media workers in general, many of whom are still making a contribution to the media landscape today.”

BARJAM extends sincere condolences to his children, grandchildren, his wider family, and the entire Nation family.

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