Barbarees Hill to undergo nighttime resurfacing from Friday

Barbarees Hill in St. Michael will be resurfaced under the Ministry of Transport and Works Accelerated Mill and Pave Programme.  

Starting Friday, May 24, Infra Construction Inc. will mill and pave Barbarees Hill from the junction at Passage Road/Baxter’s Road/Westbury Road to the Y-junction in Eagle Hall, St. Michael.  Work will continue for approximately seven nights from 7:30 p.m. to 6:30 a.m., pending weather or any unforeseen challenges. 

Milling is estimated to take two nights and during this phase only public transport, local, and emergency vehicles will be given access. However, during paving the road will be closed. No vehicular access will be permitted onto Barbarees Hill from President Kennedy Drive, Eagle Hall Main Road, Taylor Gap, Brewster Road, Strathclyde Drive or Strathclyde Crescent. Pedestrian access will be allowed. 

Transport Board buses and public service vehicles travelling from Bridgetown towards Barbarees Hill will be diverted at Passage Road onto Lower Bank Hall Main Road, to Bank Hall Main Road and onto Eagle Hall, where they will continue along their usual routes. Buses and PSVs heading into Bridgetown from Eagle Hall will do the reverse, and will rejoin their usual routes in Passage Road. 

 MTW and Infra Construction Inc. thank residents, businesses and motorists for their understanding and cooperation. (PR/MTW) 

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