Barbados increasing sugar exports

Barbados is increasing its exports of the Del Sur sugar brand to Miami..

Business development manager of the Barbados Agricultural Management Company, Sherwin Greenidge, said they were now exporting two containers – 22 000 two-pound packages weighing 20 tonnes each – up from a single container last month.

“We collaborated with the then consul general, Neval Greenidge, and the trade team at the US Embassy to export a container of sugar to Miami,” Greenidge said during a media briefing at their Warrens, St Michael warehouses on Monday.

“Now we are sending two, which should be shipped on Thursday, and we expect to be shipping three every month starting from next month.”

Greenidge said the next step was to begin shipping larger bags of sugar, such as four pound and 50 pound bags, as there was a market for it.

Chief executive officer Orlanda Atherley said there was criticism of producing “a low volume of sugar”, but it was part of their strategy over the last two years to have enough for the market.

“We don’t want to produce and have it sit down, so we started to create B molasses where we are leaving in more sugar – and that increases the amount of molasses available to the distributors – and we produce sugar to market. Once you see the demand for sugar going up, we would produce more sugar and more C molasses (which contains less sugar) which is still better than anything imported,” Atherley explained. (CA)

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