BAMP keeping eye on China Covid outbreak

The Barbados Association of Medical Practitioners (BAMP) has not dropped its guard with the discontinuation of the COVID-19 Emergency Directive and mask mandates.

Instead, president Lynda Williams says the country needs to be even more vigilant as cases spike in China. Last Wednesday, Chief Medical Officer The Most Honourable Kenneth George, announced the end of the public health measures, but urged the community to continue to wear masks, sanitise and social distance.

“We need to be very concerned about what is happening in China as it relates to the major spike of COVID-19 there. Information has not been fully released, but we can see that there has been a rise that should concern all of us. Of course, there is the possibility of new variants, but luckily thus far the new variants have proven not to be as dangerous although they tend to spread much faster,” said Williams.

“We have to monitor the situation quite carefully; we can’t turn a blind eye nor can we pretend that it is not happening. We can’t afford to think that what is happening in Asia has no impact on us, as the onset of this pandemic has dispelled such notions. The issue this time around is that we don’t know what the impact could be,” the BAMP president warned. (Nation News)

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