BAM elects new president

The Barbados Association of Masqueraders has new leadership.

During their annual general meeting last week Thursday, Jason Thompson of Hijack Inc. was elected as the president. He replaced immediate past president Anthony Layne of Kontact Band.

The other members of the executive and their positions are as follows: vice president Brian Corbin (Wednesday 2000), secretary Sonia Outram (Romp International), treasurer Corey Knight (Baje International), assistant secretary and treasurer Shenee Knight (Zulu).

The floor members are Raymond Gill (Blue Box Cart), Carla Gittens (Khepri Kulture) and Rondell Jones (Aura)

In a release, Thompson said in the coming weeks, a by-election will be called to elect a Public Relation Officer who will be the main media contact for the organisation. (TG)

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