Back on shelves

Amid concerns of a shortage of cough suppressants following the recent surge in COVID-19 cases, at least two pharmacies have reported that some of the more popular cough syrups are back on the shelf.

President of the Barbados Pharmaceutical Society, Yolande Pantin, had told Starcom Network yesterday that some cough suppressants were out of stock and the supply of others was fast diminishing.

“For sure what is most widely used, especially at Harrison Point and by the doctors, they’re using the Senega and Ammonia and Senega and Ammonia with Histal, which we’re having issues procuring from Collins. At the moment, stocks are low or minimal and ours at our pharmacy locations are dwindling,” she reported.

Pantin added Menthodex, another popular cough syrup, was out of stock.

“The issue is a lot of the cough medicines that are being used are presently out of stock or very, very low stock [is] available from the suppliers,” she said.

However, when contacted, head of isolation facilities The Most Honourable Dr Corey Forde said they had no issues with shortages of cough suppressants at this time.  (RA)

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