Attorney Sade Jemmott new general counsel for FSC

The Financial Services Commission (FSC) has a new general counsel.

Attorney Sade Jemmott’s appointment to the post, effective May 1, was communicated to FSC stakeholders on May 3 correspondence from the organisation’s chief executive officer Warrick Ward.

“With a robust background in international commercial law and corporate advisory services, Sade brings a wealth of expertise and a strong commitment to integrity, leadership, and national development to our team,” Ward said.

“Throughout her career, this well-appointed attorney-at-law has made impactful contributions across various sectors, both private and public. Before joining the Commission, Sade was a private consultant and served as director for Barbados Tourism Marketing Incorporated and the Barbados Tourism Product Authority, where she provided strategic direction to these entities responsible for promoting, assisting, and facilitating the efficient development of tourism in Barbados.

“Additionally, the new General Counsel continues to contribute to the formulation of Barbados’ new Constitution following her appointment to the Constitutional Reform Commission in 2022,” he added.

Ward said Jemmott’s appointment “strengthens our commitment to building a regulatory framework with matched legislation”.

She succeeds Dr Corlita Babb-Schaefer, who was appointed FSC general counsel on January 3, 2023 but in January this year was sworn in as Master of the High Court. (SC)

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