Atherley: Country owed answers on governor’s exit

Former Opposition Leader, Bishop Joseph Atherley, is calling on the Barbados Government to tell the nation why the contract of the Central Bank Governor is not being renewed.

During last week’s annual review of the Barbados economy, Cleviston Haynes, who was appointed in January 2018, announced his contract was expiring and he would demit office on January 31.

“I have my concerns that we are not renewing the contract of the Central Bank Governor. The economy is on the rebound, we have been stabilising ourselves and doing the right things for the last few years, so why is his contract not being renewed?” Atherley queried.

“We need several questions answered pertaining to this. Did he not want his contract renewed, or was it a decision by Government to end it? We need to be told why.”  (Nation News)

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