Atherley: Allow people in quarantine to vote

Leader of the Alliance Party for Progress (APP) Bishop Joe Atherley is calling on authorities to reconsider allowing people in quarantine with COVID-19 to vote in the upcoming General Election.

He said electoral law was such that every practical effort should be made to facilitate people exercising their democratic right to vote.

“We have a situation here where the Government has chosen to take a course of action which will deny them their right to vote. Barbadians need to stand up and take stock of that,” he said.

The Opposition Leader said serious consideration should be given to changing the election date

Atherley was touring New Orleans, The City, with their candidate Marva Lashley-Todd.

A resident of New Orleans for the past eight years, Lashley-Todd said she knew exactly what the residents in The City were experiencing and said she was ready to represent the people.

“Whenever the rain falls, all here flood out. This area has been represented by the Bees and Dees for years and nothing has been done, and still continues,” she charged.

She added the residents needed ways to find employment as many of them sitting behind her engaged in a game of dominoes.

“I believe with a change, a change for the APP, we can definitely make a difference. I can only take them up, I can’t bring them down any further. I need the people to give me a chance so that I can prove my worth,” she said. (RA)

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