Airy Hill bridge ‘collapsing’

Residents of Airy Hill, St Joseph, are appealing to the relevant authorities to repair the collapsing bridge in their community.

Yesterday, some told the Daily Nation they were concerned about their safety as well as the travelling public’s since a large chunk of a side of the bridge had broken away, and there were large cracks along the infrastructure at both sides.

“We are scared, it is very dangerous. Motorists have to be very careful when they pass there, and children and their parents walk up that bridge,” said one resident.

A 65 year-old woman, who did not want to be identified, said the bridge had been in a state of disrepair for years but it deteriorated even more three years ago.

“That bridge was so for three years. No one pays any attention to it because it is in the middle of a gully where people dump bulk waste and dead animals and leave the place smelling atrocious. But it is a matter of importance for us because it is one of the main ways to get into our neighbourhood.

“We just want it fixed before something bad happens, given the fact that when it rains heavily, water comes from as far as Surinam, flows to Hunte’s Gardens, Braggs Hill, then flows through the tunnel under the bridge and in the gully we call ‘Doctor Gully’. It then goes onto Russia Gully, then to Clifton in St Thomas and then to Bridgetown.”

Deputy chief technical officer in the Ministry of Transport and Works, Philip Tudor, said he would look into the matter, as he was not aware of the damaged bridge. (SB)

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