5 Non–Traditional Health Resolutions

A better you in 2022?

Health tops of the list of New Year resolutions worldwide.

As the pandemic marches on, there is no surprise that we are already thinking of ways to make meaningful improvements to our health.

Good news – the beginning of a New Year is the ideal time to initiate change for the next 365 days.

Here is the bad news – approximately half of New Year resolutions fall by the wayside after one month.

Turns out it takes more than will power on January 1st to maintain a new habit. Sustained change is likely when resolutions are realistic, specific and meaningful to you. Equally important are resolutions that are achievable over a period of time and take into consideration your current environment and resources.

Here are 5 non- traditional Bajan Health resolutions for a healthier 2022.

Eat Local – Produce has the most nutrients when it is freshly picked; the less time it takes to get from farm to table, the higher the nutritional value. Shopping at our local markets is one the best ways to ensure you benefit from the freshest produce. Ground provisions such as sweet potatoes, yams, cassavas and local fruits such as golden apples, mangoes and soursops are economical and can be found at Cheapside and other popular markets.

Get Outdoors – Barbados has numerous outdoor spaces for exercise. Take a walk along Brandon’s Beach, jog on Hastings Board Walk or hike across the hills of the East Coast. Make physical fitness a year round activity and you tend not to even realise you are burning calories. Be sure to include North Point, Bathsheba, Cherry Tree Hill, Botanical Gardens and Shark Hole.

Check your finances – Financial stress can take a serious toll on your health. A proactive approach can alleviate much of the anxiety around money matters and put you in a better position to reach your goals. Make an appointment to meet with your representative from your Bank or Credit Union to discuss your goals and obligations.

Choose a Charity: Bajans open their heart at Christmas, this is seen through an out pouring of charitable donations and an increase in volunteerism. Many share how good it feels to give back, that’s because giving is good for your health. Studies show that any act of altruism — a selfless act for others — is connected to positive physical and mental effects. This includes lower blood pressure, increased self-esteem, less incidence of depression, lower stress levels and greater happiness.

Develop a spiritual practice – Ringing in the New Year at church is inherently Bajan and for good reason. A spiritual practice has proven benefits of lifting our mood and creating a sense of steadiness in the midst of change. It also provides a valuable sense of community which helps people cope with unwanted change, illness and other life stressors. Spiritual practices include prayer, meditation, chanting, breathing exercises and ceremonies or rituals. The key is to do it consistently.

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