$5 000 fine for 100-year-old gun

A more than 100-year-old gun, which he said had been left at his home by someone else, cost Matthew Omar Adams $5 000 when he reappeared in the No. 5 Supreme Court yesterday.

Adams, of 6th Avenue, Warners Gardens, Christ Church, had been found guilty of having a.32-calibre firearm on June 3, 2012.

He was represented by attorney Verla De Peiza, while State Counsel Romario Straker prosecuted.

Yesterday, Justice Pamela Beckles fined Adams $5 000, of which he was ordered to pay $4 000 forthwith. The remainder must be paid by July 29 or he will spend two years in jail.

During the trial, the court had heard that lawmen executed a search warrant at Adams’ home and while searching the living room they saw a blue and white cap on a shelf. When they removed the cap, they saw a small firearm under it. (HLE)

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