3 years each for assaulting teen

The man who pounced, and his female accomplice who plotted, were each sentenced to three years in jail for indecently assaulting a then 13-year-old girl almost five years ago.

“This wasn’t a tap on the butt or a touch of the breast. This was, at its minimum, the two physically restraining the complainant while [Derrick Anthony] Forde tried to [rape her].

“Therefore a custodial sentence is required in this case to maintain public confidence in the administration of justice and the need to send a strong message to society that this type of behaviour will not be encouraged or condoned. This was a sickening act which must be condemned,” said Justice Wanda Blair.

Shakelia Tamika Marissa Phillips of Walkers, St Andrew, and Forde, of Scarborough, Christ Church, were back before Justice Blair in the No. 4A Supreme Court for sentencing. (HLE)

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