15 years for killing ex-girlfriend

It was her body, it was her residence and Kimberly Hinds was entitled to do what she liked with it.

So said Justice Randall Worrell as he sentenced Hinds’ killer, her ex-boyfriend Conroy Anderson Ramsay, to a starting sentence of 21 years in prison yesterday.

He will spend 15 years after a number of deductions.

“You were uninvited. You were not living there. You were no longer in a relationship. Why were you there?” the judge asked Ramsay yesterday, before telling him: “It is her body; it is her residence and she can do what she likes with it.”

Ramsay, 37, of Goddings Road, Station Hill, St Michael, was back in the No. 2 Supreme Court yesterday after he was convicted, at an earlier Session of the Continuous Sittings, for unlawfully killing Hinds, 24, formerly of Rock Hall, St Thomas, on March 17, 2013. He was originally on trial for her murder. (HLE)

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