Yearwood: Sir Lloyd a man of vision and detail

President of the Democratic Labour Party, Dr Ronnie Yearwood, says former Prime Minister Sir Lloyd Erskine Sandiford was a man of both “vision and detail”.

Yearwood, who is on assignment in China, and is unable to attend Friday’s state funeral for the late Sir Lloyd who passed away on June 26, said “we are grateful to have benefitted from his sound leadership”.

He issued the following statement:

Today, I continue to mourn with the family of Sir Lloyd, the country and the Democratic Labour Party family, on the passing of one of the great statesmen of our country, Sir Lloyd Erskine Sandiford.

As we say our final goodbyes, let us apply the lessons he has taught us through his life of service to our beloved country and Democratic Labour Party.

I am on assignment in China so it is with sadness that I am unable to attend Sir Lloyd’s State funeral and at its core, a thanksgiving celebration for a life lived honorably and in service of others.

It is serendipitous, but also fitting that I am in China doing work that has evolved because of the foundations Sir Lloyd laid in one of his last public assignments as Barbados’ first Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China. It is through his diplomatic work that Barbados has such strong ties with China.

Sir Lloyd was a man of both vision and detail; a combination not often seen in leaders, and we are grateful to have benefitted from his sound leadership.

His personal and professional sacrifice to do right by Party and country shall never go unrecognised.

I send condolences to Lady Sandiford and Sir Lloyd’s entire family. May he rise in glory. (PR)


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