Yearwood: Dems moving in a new direction

The Democratic Labour Party (DLP) is ready to become a viable option for the Barbadian electorate, declared an “unafraid” and “uncompromising” president Dr Ronnie Yearwood yesterday.

Addressing the Dems’ 67th annual conference at their George Street, St Michael headquarters, his first since being elected in May this year, Yearwood criticised Government’s handling of key issues and demanded that it does better.

“Cost of living, fuel costs, National Insurance Scheme, lack of opportunities, Auditor General’s Report . . . . it speaks to a lack of good governance. That is the core of all the problems we face in Barbados, and all the problems we have ever faced in this country, is this lack of good governance,” he said.

Yearwood’s impassioned plea for DLP unity and his pledge of a new inclusive politics prompted spontaneous applause from party members, bringing some to their feet.

“I am committed to a different politics, the practice of an inclusive politics, the practice of a new politics.”

Using a biblical reference, he declared: “There is room for everyone under this big tent. Do not let your hearts be troubled, for there are many rooms in this house and if it were not so, I would have told you. . .” (GBM)

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