‘Workers damage’ China’s Great Wall by creating shortcut

A part of China’s Great Wall has been severely damaged by construction workers in central Shanxi province, who used an excavator to dig through it.

Police say two people are suspected of trying to create a shortcut for their construction work.

The two have been detained and the case is under further investigation.

The 38-year-old man and 55-year-old woman were working near the affected area, the 32nd Great Wall.

They dug a “big gap” by widening an existing cavity of the Great Wall so that their excavator could pass through it. Police say they wanted to reduce the distance they had to travel.

Police also stressed that the two caused “irreversible damage to the integrity of the Ming Great Wall and to the safety of the cultural relics”.

Located in Youyu county, the 32nd Great Wall is a section of the Ming Great Wall and is categorised as a historical and cultural site which is protected at the provincial level.

Officers were alerted to the damage on August 24 after receiving reports that there was a huge gap in the wall.

The Great Wall, a UNESCO world heritage site since 1987, was built and rebuilt on a continual basis from around 220 BC until the Ming Dynasty in the 1600s, when it was the world’s largest military structure.

The best-preserved parts were built during the Ming Dynasty between the 14th and 17th centuries. It is one of these that now has a huge new hole blasted through it. (BBC)

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