Viewing station set up in Speightstown esplanade

Although some St Peter residents are unable to witness the funeral of late Prime Minister Sir Lloyd Erskine Sandiford from the pews of St Peter’s Parish Church, they made sure they are close by.

Several of them are seated at Speightstown esplanade where a screen has been erected to broadcast the service.

Among the others mourners are Cora Harewood, who said she knew the country’s fourth Prime Minister before he entered politics.

“I knew him way before he was PM. We used to catch the [Bridgetown] bus together.

“If you needed a seat, he would try to make one for you. He was very nice.

“So although I knew St Peter’s Parish Church would have been taken up, I still had to come down to pay my respects,” Harewood said. (TG)

Picture by Reco Moore


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