VIDEO: Weather and waves

Director of Meteorological Services, Sabu Best, issued the following statement on the weather.

Since March 14, around noon, the Barbados Meteorological Services issued a yellow alert for the marine area advising persons with small craft, and sea bathers to exercise caution for northerly swells that were due to affect the island from late Friday (March 17) going into Saturday (March 18).

When we have these northerly swell events, they expose the western coastlines and to some extent, the southwest sections of the coastlines of the island.

And so, as a reminder to everyone, public and visitors, when we have these northerly swells, be mindful of this. You can check our website ( for a forecast for alerts. Be mindful of this. Do not venture into the water if you see large breaking waves along these coastal areas. You can observe the waves breaking. Just watch how the ocean is behaving for a while before you actually venture in. You can learn a lot from just watching, but please do not venture into the water when you see these large breaking waves.

As it stands, this caution is expected to expire tomorrow, Tuesday, March 21, at 6 p.m. as the swells are expected to die down coming into Tuesday night (March 21), Wednesday (March 22), and for the remainder of the week.

As a reminder to the public, you can download our BMS insights App, as this will give you alerts for the marine area of severe thunderstorms, excess rainfall, even approaching hurricanes. It is a really good App.

You can also use the CAP.CAP App as well for those who have different mobile devices, or you can even check our website. It gives you details about areas and warnings. And even if there are warnings or yellow alerts around the area, be very, very cautious when you go to the beaches and be observant. I repeat do not enter into the water if you see large breaking waves.

If you have concerns or questions, you can always feel free to access our social media or give us a call at 535-0023.

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