Venezuelans sign historic agreement

Four years of negotiations which began in Barbados came full circle yesterday when the Venezuelan government and opposition signed a partial agreement, paving the way for elections in the South American country by next year.

The agreement brokered by Norway was signed at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre, Two Mile Hill, St Michael, in full glare of the world, as several international journalists were present.

The deal is expected to trigger relief from United States energy and economic sanctions on the Nicolás Maduro administration. Venezuela’s government agreed to open up the electoral process, including allowing European Union (EU) observers.

Witnessing the occasion were several high-level officials from Colombia, Mexico, Russia, Norway and the EU.

Signing the agreement was president of the National Assembly of Venezuela, Jorge Rodríguez, and opposition delegate, Gerardo Blyde, as well as President Maduro’s son, Nicholas Maduro Guerra.

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