Two thieves ask for rehab

Two men who sat side by side in the District “A” Traffic Court ended up pleading guilty to theft and asking for “indoor help” to deal with their troubles.

Ramon Ackeem Quarless, 31, of Harmony Hall, Hindsbury Road, St Michael, pleaded guilty to having apparatus fit and intended for use in connection with cocaine, along with possession of a small amount of cocaine in greaseproof wrapping on September 14.

He was sentenced by Magistrate Allison Burke on Monday to three months in prison on each count, to run concurrently.

Prosecutor Constable Ralph Rollock said police held Quarless in relation to another matter and before he could even be searched, he told them about the apparatus.

“That is my pipe, officer. I coulda run from you,” he told lawmen.

He was not asked to plead to a third charge of escaping lawful custody without the use of force on September 15 after being arrested on a theft charge.

Seated next to Quarless was Shamar Shaquane Erwin Inniss, 26, of 1st Avenue Prescod Bottom, Hindsbury Road, St Michael. He was not required to plead to doing serious bodily harm to Wycliffe Harris with intent to maim, disfigure or disable him, or cause him serious bodily harm on August 22.

Both he and Quarless pleaded guilty to stealing a bottle of hair oil and four bars of soap, totalling $28.25 in value, belonging to Mahabir’s Agency. But while Quarless was given three months in jail, Inniss was reprimanded and discharged. (SD)

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